History Minor

Course Title Credits
History Minor Requirements (24 Total)
All courses listed below are worth 3 credits each unless otherwise indicated.
Required Courses12
World Civilization I
World Civilization II
History of the United States to 1877
History of the United States since 1877
Electives (Choose one course from each group below)
U.S. History Courses 3
Select one of the following:
Race, Gender, and United States Labor History
American Military History
American Colonial History
The Civil War and Reconstruction
US Legal History of Race and Gender
Native America and Colonial Borderlands to 1887
Native American History, What you thought you knew
The West in American History
African-American History 1619 to Present
History of Wisconsin
The Vietnam War
The United States, 1898-1945
History of U S Foreign Relations
The United States since 1945
American Women's History
Issues in History (U.S. topics)
European History Courses 3
Select one of the following:
Global Cold War 1945-1989
British Isles to 1714
British Isles since 1714
Women in European Civilization
Medieval Europe
The Renaissance and Reformation
French Revolution and Napoleon 1789-1815
History of Western Science
Nazi Germany and the Holocaust
Modern European Thought and Culture
History of Science and Technology in Europe: Faculty-Led Short-Term Intl Exp
Russia to 1856
Modern Russia
Issues in History (European topics)
Non-Western Courses3
Select one of the following:
Imperialism and Resistance
Women and Gender in Latin American History
Colonial Latin American History
Modern Latin American History
Modern Middle East
Modern Japan
Modern China
Central Asia: Empires and Nations
Issues in History (non-Western topics)
Modern Africa
Additional History Elective 3
History Elective
Total Credits24