Elementary Education-Elementary and Middle Level Education (K-9)

General Requirements: Bachelor of Science Degree

Course Title Credits
Total for graduation (non-duplicated credits, 120 credits required for graduation)
General Education 2
Elementary Education Major32 credits
Professional Education35 credits

Program completion requires a G.P.A. of at least 3.00 in the major and professional education; 2.75 overall prior to student teaching.

Course Title Credits
General Education
Elementary Education Major (K-9) 1
TEACHING 3040Reading and Literacy in the Elementary School3
TEACHING 3140Key Concepts and Characteristics in Middle Level Education3
TEACHING 3540Interdisciplinary STEM Methods3
TEACHING 3190Community Based Learning3
TEACHING 3840Disciplinary Literacy3
TEACHING 4000Reading & Social Studies Practicum1
TEACHING 4080Math & Science Practicum1
TEACHING 4160Teaching Elementary & Middle Science3
TEACHING 4190Teaching Elementary & Middle Social Studies3
TEACHING 4300Elementary - Middle Level Mathematics I3
TEACHING 4370Elementary - Middle Level Mathematics II3
TEACHING 4400Social Justice Education in the Rural Classroom3
Professional Education 1
TEACHING 1230Introduction to Education2
TEACHING 2130Human Growth and Development3
or PSYCHLGY 2730 Life Span Developmental Psychology
or PSYCHLGY 3130 Child Psychology
or PSYCHLGY 3230 Adolescent Psychology
TEACHING 2170Foundations of Educational Technology3
TEACHING 2240Foundations of Education: History & Practice in Rural America3
TEACHING 3070Meeting Content & Language Needs of English Language Learners3
TEACHING 3320Introduction to Inclusion3
TEACHING 3440Equity Education & Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in the Multicultural Classroom3
TEACHING 3730Instructional Design and Assessment3
Select one of the following:12
Student Teaching Elementary I
and Student Teaching Elementary II
Internship in Teaching

G.P.A. 3.00 or better and grade of “C” or better


General Education requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree: MATH 1940 and ENVSS 3330 are required (ENVSS 3330 satisfies the Wisconsin statutory teacher licensing requirement for environmental conservation).