Forensic Investigation Minor

The minor in forensic investigation provides a basic understanding of the role and procedures used by crime scene technicians at a crime scene. Emphasis is placed on the collection, analysis, documentation, and preservation of crime scene evidence.

Course Title Credits
Required Courses 1
FORENSIC 1320Survey of Forensic Sciences3
FORENSIC 2420Crime Scene Processing I3
FORENSIC 3020History & Ethics of Forensic Investigation3
FORENSIC 3040Crime Scene Processing II4
Electives 16
Select a minimum of 6 credits from the list below:
Fingerprint Analysis and Other Biometrics
Crime Scene Documentation
Issues in Forensic Investigation
Forensic Anthropology
Medicolegal Death Investigation
Decomposition and the Post-Mortem Interval
Research Methods in Forensic Investigation
Courtroom Testimony and Evidence
Directed Individual Studies
Current Topics in Forensic Investigation
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Foundations of Policing
Criminal Investigation
Criminal Procedure and Evidence
The Washington Center - The LEAD Colloquium
The Washington Center - Evening Topics Course
Total Credits19

In addition, all forensic investigation minors must earn a “C-” or better in each required and elective course.