Industrial and Systems Engineering Major, B.S.

Course Title Credits
General Requirements
General Education26-34
Required Courses
MATH 2640Calculus and Analytic Geometry I4
MATH 2740Calculus and Analytic Geometry II4
MATH 4030Statistical Methods with Applications3
MATH 4050Applied Regression Analysis3
or STAT 3130 Introduction to Applied Regression Analysis
STAT 3230Experimental Design and Analysis3
CHEMSTRY 1450Chemistry for Engineers5
BIOLOGY 2340Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology4
PHYSICS 2240General Physics I4
General Engineering/Mechanics Core
GENENG 1030Introduction to Engineering Projects1
GENENG 1320Engineering Computer Graphics2-3
or GENENG 2030 Engineering Modeling and Design
GENENG 2130Engineering Mechanics-Statics3
GENENG 2340Mechanics of Materials4
GENENG 2820Engineering Economy2
MECHENG 3040Engineering Materials3
Engineering/Computer/Data Science Electives
Select 2 of the following:6-7
Engineering Mechanics-Dynamics
Applications of Electrical Engineering 1
Circuit Modeling II
General Physics II
Introduction to Computer Programming
Object-Oriented Programming
Data Visualization and Analysis
Data Science I
Fundamentals of Energy Sources
Calculus and Analytic Geometry III
Industrial and Systems Engineering Core
INDSTENG 2130Fundamentals of Industrial and Systems Engineering3
INDSTENG 3130Industrial Engineering Computer Applications3
INDSTENG 3530Operations Research I3
INDSTENG 3630Work Measurement and System Design3
INDSTENG 3730Engineering Management3
INDSTENG 3830Engineering Design of Systems3
INDSTENG 4030Production and Operations Analysis3
INDSTENG 4130System Simulation and Analysis3
INDSTENG 4430Quality Engineering3
INDSTENG 4440Human Factors Engineering3
INDSTENG 4830Engineering Continuous Improvement3
INDSTENG 4930Industrial Systems Design3
Industrial and Systems Engineering Technical Electives
Each student must complete technical electives with a minimum of 9 credits in consultation with advisor. 2,3,49
Engineering and Computer Science Technical Electives
System Safety Engineering
Facilities Design
Operations Research II
Human Performance and System Design
Manufacturing Systems Design
Current Topics in Engineering
Manufacturing Processes
Advanced Materials
Failure of Materials
Composite Materials
Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
Introduction to Medical Instrumentation
Data Structures
Database Design and Implementation
Non-Engineering and Non-Computer Science Technical Electives
Business Law
Management, Gender & Race
International Management
Cognitive Psychology
Physiological Psychology
Applied Categorical Data Analysis
Applied Nonparametric Statistics
Data Science II - Intermediate Data Science
General Industry OSHA 30 Hour
Industrial Hygiene and PPE
Professional Requirement
Select one course from the following:1-3
Industrial Engineering Cooperative Education
Industrial Engineering Internship
Independent Study 5
Principles of Safety and Risk Management
Leadership and Management
Startup Launchpad
Total Credits123-135

ELECTENG 1210 must be completed prior to enrolling in ELECTENG 2210.


At least six technical elective credits must be numbered IE XXXX.


At least six technical elective credits must be numbered 3000 or higher.


BUSADMIN 4xxx and AETM 4xxx courses may be used as technical electives upon approval of student's advisor or the IE Program Coordinator.


INDSTENG 4990 must be taken for 3 credits to fulfill the Professional Requirement.