Distance Campus Policies and Procedures

Academic Advising

All students must meet with their advisor prior to registering for courses. Students who have earned credits from another institution will be individually assessed regarding transfer credits. Students should remember that even when the university general education requirements are considered met, other college or departmental requirements may not have been met.

Ultimately it is the student’s responsibility to meet their graduation requirements. The advisor will be a resource for students to assist in planning the courses they will need in order to graduate. Details about registration and other academic matters will be emailed to students’ UW-Platteville email address. 

Dropping Courses/Refunds

Any student considering dropping a course needs to contact their advisor. To review the drop/refund policy, deadlines, and fees, visit How to Drop a Distance Learning Course.

Declaring/Changing Majors

Students are required to declare a major at the time of admission.  However, a student may change their major by contacting their advisor.  Additional options such as academic clemency may also apply to students who change their major.

Discontinuation of Active Students 

Upon full admission, students enrolled in degree programs through the Distance campus may have one year to complete at least one course successfully. If a student does not successfully complete a course within a year, the student will be discontinued from their program. 

After the successful completion of one course, a student has one year to successfully complete another course in order to maintain academic progress. Students who do not maintain academic progress will be discontinued from their program.

Participation Policy

Due to federal regulations requiring academic engagement, UW-Platteville is required to verify that students are actively participating in their courses prior to the census date of each semester. Active participation, as defined by federal regulation is participation by the student in an instructional activity related to the student’s course of study. The census date is set each semester by the University.   


After corresponding with their advisor, students may register for courses in PASS (Pioneer Administrative Software System). Students are allowed to register for up to nine credits during the summer sessions and up to eighteen credits during the fall/spring semesters. If a student wants to take more credits than what the credit limit allows they must contact their advisor for approval. Students who want to appeal an advisor’s decision should contact the dean of their college.  More details and specific dates for registration and fee payment are available on the registration page. 


Because tuition charges are subject to change, current figures are not published in the catalog. For specific information related to tuition refer to the Finances page.

Tuition deadlines are published on the Academic Calendar.