Residence Halls

During the regular academic year, residence hall space may be limited due to high enrollment. Freshman and sophomore students are required to live in residence halls unless they are released from that UW System requirement. Thus, when occupancy is high, incoming students and continuing residence hall students who submitted applications according to that process are able to live in the residence halls until space is no longer available. However, if space allows, the Department of Residence Life will accept applications from graduate students.

There are six traditional style residence halls with double occupancy rooms. There are also four-person suite/apartment style residence halls with single and double-room occupancy, and bathrooms within each suite. Southwest Hall also contains a kitchenette and living room area. Graduate students who live in residence halls or suites are not required to participate in a meal program unless it is their personal choice to do so.

During the summer session, residence hall rooms are available for the entire summer session (eight weeks). Single rooms may be available during the summer session. Students may rent rooms in the summer residence hall for less than the eight week session. The summer residence hall is air conditioned.

When submitting an application for residence hall accommodations, the student must make a rental prepayment. Summer session accommodations do not require a prepayment and rental fees will be charged to the student’s account. For specific information regarding housing and housing rates, contact Residence Life, Royce Hall, 608.342.1845 or email us at