Financial Information

Tuition and Fee Policies

This section provides the tuition and fee policies that were in effect at the time this book went to press. For up-to-date information contact the Cashier’s office at 608.342.1211 or check the Cashier’s office website

The act of registering for courses at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville creates a financial obligation to pay the tuition and fees associated with those courses according to the tuition and fees schedule established annually by the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents. The payment due dates are provided with the initial billing. Payment of all charges is the responsibility of the student. It is the responsibility of the student to pursue money from financial aid, scholarships, loans, or other non-personal sources. These are not considered payments until the money is received and posted to the student’s account. Students who fail to cancel their registration or withdraw from courses in compliance with university policies and procedures will be charged even if they do not attend class. Nonattendance does not constitute withdrawal.

Payment Policy

UW-Platteville bills all students for each semester approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. Students will receive an email in their UW-Platteville email account notifying them the bill is available online through PASS. All students should review their account in PASS during the first week of school to ensure accuracy. Financial aid, scholarships, and educational loans will not be reflected on the initial bill. If you add classes or change your schedule, check your balance online or contact the Cashier’s office immediately to get a revised balance. Failure to receive a bill does not excuse students from the payment deadlines and penalties. The initial payment is due approximately five days after the beginning of each semester. To avoid finance charges, accounts must be paid in full by the due date on the initial bill.

A partial payment plan is available for fall and spring semesters to students with a good credit history. (There is no partial payment plan available for summer school and winterim.) In order to qualify for the partial payment plan a copy of Financial Agreement form must be on file in the Cashier’s Office. A new Financial Agreement form is required for each semester. Students who have demonstrated a poor payment history may be denied access to the partial payment plan. The partial payment plan consists of an initial payment of 34 percent of all charges billed on the initial bill, due approximately seven days after the beginning of each semester and two additional installments of 33 percent, due approximately the fifth and ninth week of each semester. All charges will have to be paid before registration for a future term will be allowed.

Payment in full of all tuition and fees prior to the initial billing due date will avoid finance charges. (This date is also provided with each initial billing statement.) Unpaid balances incur finance charges as detailed in Financial Agreement form, a copy of which can be viewed on the Cashier’s office website. Registration for future semesters will not be permitted unless the account balance is zero. Accounts in default will be forwarded for private collection action. Students will be responsible for all collection costs on amounts not paid when due, including, but not limited to, attorney fees and collection agency fees.

If your bill will be paid by a third party (i.e. VA, DVR, Youth Options) a written authorization from the third party must be provided to the Cashier’s office before the initial billing due date or the account will be considered delinquent. The authorization must include who will be paying, the amount they will be paying, the name and ID number of the student they are paying for, and when the payment will be made.

Payments are posted to the student’s account as of the date of receipt. Post-dated checks will be returned to the sender and do not qualify as payment. All checks should be made payable to UW-Platteville and should include the student’s ID number. The payment must be in the Cashier’s office on or before the due date to avoid service charges. UW-Platteville charges $20 for all checks returned by the bank for any reason.

Late Fee

Students who have not paid at least 34 percent of their total initial bill by the initial billing due date of the fall and spring semester will be assessed a $50 late fee. A $25 late fee will be assessed if 100 percent of the summer or winterim charges are not paid by the due date of the summer or winterim session.

Who gets the bill?

Bills are now online. Students will receive an email on their UW-Platteville email account instructing them to view their bill online. Students may grant guest access to other individuals to view their account by using PASS Express. Students are encouraged to check their account in PASS self service on a weekly basis to see if any activity has occurred.

Refund Policy

Tuition and fees may be refunded upon official withdrawal from the university according to the current refund schedule provided all official withdrawal forms are completed. The current refund schedule for fall and spring semesters is:

  • 100 percent during the first two weeks of classes
  • 50 percent during the third and fourth weeks of classes
  • 0 percent thereafter

For refund schedules for summer and winterim terms contact the Cashier’s office.
Room and board charges for students who voluntarily withdraw from the university may be adjusted in accordance with the room and board contracts. Further information about these contracts is available from the Meal Access office (608.342.1404) or the Residence Life office (608.342.1845).

If a student receives any type of federal financial aid (including Stafford loans and/or PLUS loans) and then withdraws from the university or reduces their credit load, their financial aid eligibility will be re-calculated. A percentage of the aid may be considered unearned and may have to be returned to the funding source. Please contact the Financial Aid office if you have any questions about this policy 608.342.1836.

Financial Aid

Educational loans and work-study are available to graduate students who are regular degree seeking students enrolled at least half-time (5 or more credits). Students enrolled as “special” are not eligible for financial aid. To be considered for the programs listed below, a student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Apply on-line at

Federal Work-Study Program

The work-study program allows eligible students to work on campus to earn money. Work-study jobs are posted in the Financial Aid office and at

Advanced Opportunity Program (AOP) Grant

Students of color and economically disadvantaged students may apply for this grant to assist with payment of college costs. Applicant must be admitted to a degree program, be a Wisconsin resident, and be enrolled for at least five (5) credits from UW-Platteville. Students who are enrolled in online graduate programs are not eligible. To be considered, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be filed and an AOP Grant application which can be obtained at

Veterans Benefits

Graduate students who are eligible for educational entitlement from the Veterans Administration or from the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs should contact the certifying official in 322 Royce Hall, 608.342.7351.

Graduate Assistantship

State-supported graduate assistantships are available in graduate programs offered on campus. Graduate assistantships are intended to provide financial assistance to students, professional growth for students, and professional assistance to the university. A full graduate assistantship requires a student to provide 20 hours of professional responsibilities per week while he or she is enrolled in a minimum of eight semester hours of course work. Full-time or part-time assistantships are available. Selection will be based primarily upon overall undergraduate scholastic achievement and potential for future professional growth.

Complete the graduate assistantship application form and return the completed form to the School of Graduate Studies office, 2102 Ullsvik Hall. The graduate assistantship application form is available at Only students who have been admitted to a graduate program and are carrying eight credits or more are eligible for assistantships. Students enrolled as “special” are ineligible.

Please note that final appointment to a graduate assistantship is contingent on a criminal history background check. We need consent to conduct a criminal history background check. At the time of offering a graduate assistantship, the student will be requested to complete and return a consent form. A form will be provided at that time. The consent form may also be printed off from webpage Failure to return the consent form by the date indicated will result in the assistantship being offered to another individual. A completed application for graduate assistantship must be received in our office by April 1 of the academic year being applied for—example: fall 2017 and spring 2018 comprise the academic year of 2017–18.

School of Graduate Studies
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