Master of Science in Integrated Supply Chain Management


The Master of Science in Integrated Supply Chain Management is earned upon the successful completion of 30–33 credit hours (total varies depending upon foundation courses that are required based on the student’s approved degree plan). All courses are three credits unless otherwise noted.  Graduate credits in which a grade lower than a "C-" has been earned will not be counted toward the degree; however, these lower grades will be reflected in the student's grade point average.

Course Title Credits
Foundation Courses3-6
Supply Chain Management (prerequisite to ISCM 7100)
International Supply Chain Management
Core Competencies18
Quality Engineering and Management
Purchasing Management
Organizational Change Leadership: Theory and Practice
Production Planning and Control
Supply Chain Logistics
Customer Relations:
Customer Relationship Management
Advanced Requirement3
Select one Capstone course to be taken the last semester:
Integrated Supply Chain Management Capstone
Seminar Paper Research
Thesis Research
Areas of Emphasis6
Select a minimum of 6 credits in a chosen Area of Emphasis: 1
Applied Statistics
Simulation Modeling of Engineering Systems
Optimization with Engineering Applications
Design of Experiments
Taguchi Method of Designing Experiments
Advanced Quality Management
Business Analytics
Engineering Communications
Engineering Management
Research Methodology
Business Ethics
Project Procurement Management
Design for Manufacturability
Product Design and Development
Advanced Production and Operations Analysis
Advanced Cost and Value Analysis
Systems Engineering Management
Continuous Improvement With Lean Principles
Industrial Design for Production
Warehousing and Distribution Management
Customer Relations:
Supply Chain Customer Synchronization
Reverse Logistics
Total Credits30-33

Students can complete additional classes, if necessary, to reach the number of credits required for graduation.


Of the 30-33 credits to graduate, students must take at least six from each of three disciplines.

  • Business (BUSADMIN and selected ISCM courses)
  • Engineering (ENGRG/INDSTENG/MECHENG, and selected ISCM courses)
  • Industrial Studies (INDUSTDY and selected ISCM courses)

Any new elective courses will apply for all catalog years unless otherwise stated.