Master of Science in Cybersecurity


The Cybersecurity degree program has a 34-credit curriculum, wherein students will complete a 25 core credits (including a 3-credit Capstone course) and 9 credits of electives from one of four emphasis to satisfy degree requirements.  Graduate credits in which a grade lower than a "C" has been earned will not be counted toward the degree; however, these lower grades will be reflected in the student's grade point average.

Course Title Credits
Core courses
CYB 7000Fundamentals of Cybersecurity3
CYB 7030Network Security3
CYB 7050Sociological Aspects of Cybersecurity3
CYB 7070Cybersecurity Program Planning and Implementation3
CYB 7100Introduction to Cryptography3
CYB 7150Managing Security Risk3
CYB 7200Communication in Cybersecurity3
CYB 7890Cybersecurity Pre-Capstone1
CYB 7900Cybersecurity Capstone3
Total Credits34

Cyber Response Emphasis

The Cyber Response emphasis area consists of the following three courses

Course Title Credits
CYB 7400Incident Response and Remediation3
CYB 7450Secure Operating Systems3
CYB 7500Offensive Security & Threat Management3
Total Credits9

Digital Forensics Emphasis 

The Digital Forensics emphasis area consists of the following three courses

Course Title Credits
CYB 7250Computer Forensics and Investigations3
CYB 7300Computer Criminology3
CYB 7350Network Forensics3
Total Credits9

Governance and Leadership Emphasis

The Governance and Leadership area consists of the following three courses

Course Title Credits
CYB 7550Security Administration3
CYB 7600Cybersecurity Leadership and Team Dynamics3
CYB 7650Cybersecurity Management3
Total Credits9

Security Architecture Emphasis

The Security Architecture emphasis area consists of the three of the following four courses:

Course Title Credits
CYB 7700Security Architecture3
CYB 7750Applied Cryptography3
CYB 7800Software Security3
or CYB 7850 Cyber-Physical System Security
Total Credits9