Master of Science in Healthcare Administration


Healthcare Administration Degree Requirements

You'll earn your degree by successfully completing 37 graduate credits.. All courses listed are three credits unless otherwise stated. Graduate credits in which a grade lower than a “C” has been earned will not be counted toward a degree in Healthcare Administration; however, these lower grades will be reflected in the student’s grade point average.


The Master of Science in Healthcare Administration is earned upon the successful completion of 37 credit hours. All courses are three credits unless otherwise noted.

Course Title Credits
HCA 7000U.S. Healthcare Systems3
HCA 7050Population Health and Epidemiology3
HCA 7100Communications and Marketing in Healthcare3
HCA 7150Healthcare Technology, Data Analytics, and Information Governance3
HCA 7200Healthcare Financial Management3
HCA 7300Human Capital Management in Healthcare3
HCA 7400Healthcare Operations and Project Management3
HCA 7500Healthcare Quality and Performance Management3
HCA 7600Health Law and Policy3
HCA 7700Organization Development and Strategic Leadership in Healthcare3
HCA 7800Current and Emerging Topics in Healthcare3
HCA 7890Capstone Preparation1
HCA 7900Capstone3
Total Credits37

Certificate in Senior Living and Services Leadership

The Certificate in Senior Living and Services Leadership represents an in-program certificate and credential within the existing and established collaborative online MS in Healthcare Administration (MS-HCA) program. The certificate program will be offered as a fully online, asynchronous curriculum. The program will serve as an additional and optional credential for in-program (i.e. MS-HCA degree-seeking) students as well as a freestanding certificate program for non-degree (i.e. certificate-only) students who may or may not elect to pursue the full MS-HCA degree following completion of the certificate.

For admission as a non-degree seeking student, students must meet the MS-HCA program admission requirements. Admission requirements include a Bachelor’s degree and a 3.0 undergraduate GPA. Program prerequisites will include coursework in Elementary Statistics, Medical Terminology and Oral Communication/Public Speaking/Speech. Relevant work experience may be considered in lieu of this coursework.

UW-Platteville offers several graduate certificates.  These certificates are distinct from the Master's degree, but credit earned for them might be applied toward the completion of the degree.  To earn a certificate, students must complete all the required courses through the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, under the direction of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville faculty.  Transferred courses or course substitutions are not allowed.

To obtain a graduate certificate, students must:

  • Complete the certificate with a minimum GPA of 3.00
  • Achieve a minimum grade of “C” in each course from the certificate program
  • Request a certificate through their advisor within one year from completion of the final course of the certificate

To earn the certificate, students must complete the following requirements: 

Course Title Credits
HCA 7010Senior Care and Services Systems3
HCA 7020Leadership Practices Across the Senior Care Continuum3
HCA 7200Healthcare Financial Management3
HCA 7300Human Capital Management in Healthcare3
Total Credits12