German (GERMAN)

GERMAN 5000 World Languages Travel Abroad Seminar 1-4 Credits

A seminar with emphasis on language, literature, and culture. Non-language students may take this course in English translation for credit in humanities but not receive any foreign language credit. Students travel under supervision and receive from one to four credits in German-or in translated literature for non-language students. Number of credits depends on the duration of exposure, the amount of reading, and the quantity of written work. Non-language students should consult the Humanities department chair.
Components: Seminar
Typically Offered: Spring

GERMAN 6250 Supervised Independent Study 1-4 Credits

For advanced students who wish to further acquaint themselves with German literature, civilization, or linguistics; thesis type report and examination; number of credits to be determined at the beginning of the course. By special permission.
Components: Independent Study
Typically Offered: Fall - Spring