Political Science (POLISCI)

POLISCI 5520 The Judicial Process 3 Credits

The American judicial process, trial and appellate courts as well as the role of the U.S. Supreme Court. A comparison of the Anglo-American judicial system with that of continental Europe.
Components: Class
Typically Offered: Fall

POLISCI 5730 Ethnic Rights and Politics 3 Credits

(Offered under ETHNSTDY 5720 AND POLISCI 5730.) Changing patterns of ethnic, gender, and race relations; legislative and judicial developments affecting civil rights; political movements; political, social, and economic discrimination; judicial system and legal protection for civil rights. Women and other minorities.
Components: Class
Cross Offering: ETHNSTDY 5720
Typically Offered: Spring

POLISCI 5830 Civil Liberties 3 Credits

Law and power and their abuses; law and power in relation to war on crime, deviance, freedom of religion, expression, and civil disobedience; criminal and civil cases; group action.
Components: Class
Typically Offered: DEMAND

POLISCI 6720 Study and Research in Political Science 1-3 Credits

Supervised individual or team study and investigation of a selected topic.
Components: Independent Study

POLISCI 6760 Seminar in Selected Topics in Political Science 1-3 Credits

Presentation of a selected topic normally not of a permanent nature or suitable for a regular course. Besides regular class presentations by students and examinations, a term paper is required.
Components: Seminar

POLISCI 7980 Independent Study in Political Science 1-4 Credits

The amount of graduate credit applied toward a master's degree may not exceed a total of four credits except with the special permission of the student's advisor, the program head, and the Dean of The School of Graduate Studies. Approval must be secured before independent study courses begin. Students registering for independent study must submit at or before registration an approved independent study proposal form. This form must be signed by the instructor conducting the independent study, the department chairperson, the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, and the student. Independent study may not be used for collecting information for the seminar paper. Students enrolling for independent study may obtain an independent study proposal form and instruction sheet from the School of Graduate Studies Office online at www.uwplatt.edu/gradstudies/independentstudy.html. A student may register for more than the maximum number of independent study credits allowed by a subject area. However, the student may only apply the maximum number of independent study credits allowed by a subject area toward a master's degree at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.
Components: Independent Study
Typically Offered: Fall