Master of Science in Education in English Education*

Master of Science in Education (Teaching)


The Master of Science in Education degree program builds on the School of Education conceptual framework, “Best Practices Make the Difference.” The master’s program helps teachers continue developing in the areas of planning, school environment, instruction, and professionalism. This program also provides development for other helping professionals.

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates will:

  1. Recognize the unique characteristics of learners and communities.
  2. Be consumers and producers of research in their field.
  3. Express and support their point of view in both verbal and written discourse.
  4. Design and implement action based on data appropriate for specific populations.
  5. Demonstrate ethics, leadership, and advocacy in their fields.

Program Plan - M.S.E.: English Education (China) Emphasis

The Master of Science in Education program in English Education provides graduate students in China with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to teach English as a second language effectively and at a level that is developmentally appropriate to their students.

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates will:

  1. Exhibit competence in oral and written English at a level appropriate to non-native speakers;
  2. Apply the scholarship of teaching and learning in a culturally diverse “English as a Second or Other Language” classroom environment;
  3. Analyze their own cultural predispositions in order to achieve competency in intercultural communication;
  4. Demonstrate the ability to comprehend, analyze, and apply current research in ESL and TESOL/TESL;
  5. Synthesize comparative methodologies by investigating and discussing various theories of second-language acquisition;
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of the similarities and differences in the Chinese and U.S. approaches to language-teaching pedagogy.


The M.S.E. program in English Education is offered through a partnership between UW-Platteville and South Central University for Nationalities in Wuhan, China. At present, it is available only to students in China. The degree program is offered within the School of Education, and courses are taught by faculty from the School of Education as well as by faculty in English and Foreign Languages from the Department of Humanities. The program consists of a sequence of ten 3-credit courses offered over a period of two years. Students are admitted to a cohort consisting of a maximum of 38 students, and undertake coursework together.

Faculty from UW-Platteville travel to China to teach the on-site portion of each course. The syllabus, readings, assignments, and other course requirements are normally posted electronically prior to the on-site teaching. Assignments, papers, and projects that are not completed during the on-site portion of courses are typically submitted after the faculty member has returned to UW-Platteville.

Students in the program who have completed their coursework through the third semester and who are in good academic standing (having achieved cumulative GPAs of 3.00 or higher) are invited to come to UW-Platteville to study on campus during their final semester. The focus of the study during the final semester is on researching, writing, and submitting their Seminar Research Paper. Students are assigned a faculty advisor, who will work with them in developing and submitting their Seminar Research Paper. The Seminar Paper represents the culmination of the student’s studies in the program. It is expected to demonstrate an integration of one’s understanding of prior coursework with the student’s ability to survey in a significant manner an issue or topic relevant to teaching English as a second language.

Students who are unable to come to UW-Platteville during their final semester will also be assigned a faculty advisor, who will work with them in developing and submitting their Seminar Research Paper.

Required Courses

The required courses in the MSE in English Education are:

Course Title Credits
ENGLISH 5000Technical Writing3
ENGLISH 5050Academic Oral Communication3
ENGLISH 5260Language and Culture3
ENGLISH 7250Literature for TESOL Teachers3
ENGLISH 7260Sociolinguistics and Language Teaching3
ENGLISH 7670Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language3
TEACHING 7000Research Procedures3
TEACHING 7130Improving Instructional Effectiveness3
TEACHING 7150Oral Language, Emergent Literacy, and Theories of Second Language Acquisition (TESOL)3
TEACHING 7830Seminar Paper3
Total Credits30

Any new elective courses will apply for all catalog years unless otherwise stated.