Retention, Probation, and Dismissal

An overall 3.00 graduate grade point average is required to maintain full standing. If the overall grade point average drops below 3.00, the student is placed on probation. If after an additional 12 graduate credits, the student’s grade point average remains below 3.00, the student will be dismissed.

Students who are dismissed may be given the option of enrolling as a Special Student to enable continuation of coursework if approved by the program coordinator.  Once a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher is attained, the dismissed student becomes eligible to apply for readmission to the previously admitted program.  Students will be reevaluated for admission. If a student is granted readmission, a maximum of 12 total credits earned during Special Student state (regardless of when earned during their academic career) may be accepted.  Additionally, all credits earned prior to dismissal in the given program may be accepted: however, the final three credits (or capstone/seminar/thesis) of the degree program may NOT be attempted until the student has been granted admission back into his or her program.

Academic Appeals

Students who are dismissed due to low GPA may petition to be reinstated.  Within 30 days of a dismissal notification, students may write an appeal letter addressed to the Provost Designee, explaining why they believe their dismissal should be overturned.  Students must include ancillary documentation that supports their assertion and what steps they will take to improve their academic standing and then maintain it.  The Provost Designee will form a committee to review the materials and inform the student of the decision.  The Provost Designee's decision with respect to the student’s appeal shall be final.  The student, the program coordinator, and the advisor will be informed in writing of the decision.  The committee will include the following representatives: Provost Designee, a representative of the student’s program, and a member of the graduate faculty.  The Student Affairs Manager will attend the meeting to ensure the follow through of the appeal.  The student’s advisor may be asked to provide additional information that the committee may need.