University Administration

Chancellor's Cabinet

(as of August 2022)

Tammy K. Evetovich Interim Chancellor
Wayne C. Weber Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Angela M. Udelhofen Vice Chancellor for Enrollment and Student Success
Rose M. Smyrski Vice Chancellor for University Relations
Angela M. Miller Assistant Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Chief Diversity Officer
Kristina M. Navarro-Krupka Assistant Chancellor and Director of Athletics and Recreation
Lynsey Schwabrow Interim Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services; Chief Business Officer
John B. Dunning Assistant Vice Chancellor for IR, Strategy and Planning; Chief Data Officer
Joshua D. Boots Assistant Vice Chancellor for Development and Alumni Engagement
Paul J. Erickson Chief Communications Officer

Academic Deans

College of Business, Industry, Life Science & Agriculture

Charles Steiner Interim Dean
Jodi McDermott Assistant Dean for Student Services
D.W. Haskins Interim Assistant Dean

College of Engineering, Mathematics & Science

Philip Parker Acting Dean
Soma Chattopadhyay Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
Jodi Prosise Assistant Dean
Jessica Fick Assistant Dean for Special Projects

College of Liberal Arts & Education

Hilton Kelly Dean
Travis Nelson Associate Dean
Carrie Van Hallgren Assistant Dean

Academic Affairs

Carrie Keller Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
Mike Compton Assistant Provost for Branch Campuses
Holly Attenborough Assistant Provost