Growing concerns about the impacts humans are having on our planet and the implications of those impacts on future generations clearly puts an important responsibility on the institutions of higher learning.  University of Wisconsin-Platteville recognizes the importance of the goal of creating a sustainable world for future generations and strives to address this issue by creating educational opportunities for its students and serving as test sites and models for sustainable practices.  UW-Platteville’s sustainability plan guides its sustainability efforts in non-academic areas by waste reduction measures, the promotion of alternative transportation, energy and water conservation, and carefully planned and managed landscaping.

In the academic arena, UW-Platteville recognizes the importance of educating its students to address sustainability topics such as climate change, limited nature of resources, sustainable business practices, and adaptation of species.  We are committed to achieving the greatest impact by creating programs, offering courses, supporting research, and creating partnerships that focus on sustainability, renewable energy, water conservation, and sustainable practices.  Currently, UW-Platteville offers the following programs related to sustainability:

  • BS degrees in Environmental Engineering, Sustainable and Renewable Energy Systems, Geography, Biology, Environmental Horticulture, and Reclamation Environment and Conservation.
  • Minors in Renewable Energy, Social and Environmental Justice, Entrepreneurship, and Environmental Science.

Although a degree or a minor in a subject related to sustainability is an important step, the faculty at UW-Platteville believes that, in the end, the best goal for the university is to have sustainability as part of the educational experience for every student.  It is critically important for the institutions of higher education to have their students develop knowledge and skillsets in sustainability so that graduates look at their life and work through the lens of sustainability.  With that in mind, to help students identify and select the appropriate sustainability related courses at UW-Platteville, a faculty committee reviewed courses that were submitted for their sustainability content and placed the courses under the following two categories:

  1. Sustainability Courses: These courses address at least one important aspect of sustainability as an integral part of the course throughout the semester. 
  2. Courses with Some Sustainability Content:  These courses, although not completely dedicated to sustainability, address some aspects of sustainability in one or more chapters in its content.

In order to enhance students’ knowledge and skill sets in sustainability and foster their sustainability lens, we encourage students to consider these courses as a part of their academic studies at UW-Platteville.

Sustainability Courses1

Course Title Credits
CIVILENG 4640Site Design and Stormwater Management3
ENERGY 2130Energy, Environment, and Society3
ENERGY 2340Fundamentals of Energy Sources4
ENERGY 3130Sustainability: Ecology, Resources and Practice3
ENERGY 3230Biorenewable Resources3
ENERGY 3430Green Building Design3
ENERGY 4130Sustainability Policy and Practice3
ENERGY 4230Biofuels4
ENERGY 4330Wind and Solar Systems Design4
ENERGY 4430Building Energy Management3
ENVENG 3340Environmental Engineering4
ENVENG 4410Wastewater Treatment and Management3
ENTRP 2010Social Context of Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship3
GEOGRPHY 1040Planet Earth4
GEOGRPHY 3330Environmental Conservation3
GEOGRPHY 3340Biogeography4
SCSCI 4350Soil and Water Conservation3
UWPSTUDY 3030EMS Short-Term International Experience (Cycling Infrastructure in the Netherlands)3

Courses with Some Sustainability Content1

Course Title Credits
AGBUS 1500Introduction to Agribusiness3
BIOLOGY 3450Ecology and Evolution3
BUSADMIN 2100Supply Chain Management3
BUSADMIN 3230Small Business Management3
CIVILENG 2000Introduction to Infrastructure3
CIVILENG 3530Transportation Engineering3
CIVILENG 4500Highway Engineering3
ELECTENG 4450Power Systems Analysis and Design4
ENERGY 3330Electrical Energy Systems and Energy Storage3
ENERGY/BUSADMIN 3580Principles of Project Management and Sustainable Development3
ENERGY 4620Data Analysis and Verification Tools3
ENVENG 4330Air and Waste Management3
GEOGRPHY 3120Geography of the Driftless Area3
GEOGRPHY 4330Advanced Geographic Information Systems3
GEOLOGY 1140Physical Geology4
INDSTENG 4930Industrial Systems Design3
SCSCI 4240Plant Breeding4
SOCIOLGY 3530Rural Sociology3