The international studies major has a core requirement of 18 credit hours. Students must choose between Track I or Track II, and must have a credit-bearing education abroad experience.

Course Title Credits
General Requirements
Core Curriculum39-56
Core Required
BUSADMIN 1300Global Business3
ECONOMIC 2130Principles of Macroeconomics3
GEOGRPHY 1330World Regional Geography3
HISTORY 1020World Civilization II3
POLISCI 2360International Relations3
SOCIOLGY 2130Cultural Anthropology3
Track I or II
Select one of the following tracks:30-46
Track I:
Foreign language. Demonstrate fourth semester proficiency in a foreign language
Select 30 credits of Elective courses 1
Track II (Language intensive):
Foreign language. Complete a foreign language minor
Select 18 credits of Elective courses 1
Total Credits87-120


Course Title Credits
AGBUS 2330World Population, Food and Resources3
ART 3530East Asian Art3
BIOLOGY 2130Plants and Society3
BUSADMIN 3650International Finance3
BUSADMIN 3720International Marketing3
BUSADMIN 4140International Management3
ENGLISH 2150Introduction to Gay Studies3
ENGLISH 2640World Literature I3
ENGLISH 2650World Literature II3
ENGLISH 2770International Cinema3
ENGLISH 3250Sociolinguistics3
ENGLISH 3260Language and Culture3
ENGLISH 3830The World Novel3
ENGLISH 4500Women and Mythology: Goddess, Witch, Sibyl3
GEOGRPHY 1050Introduction to Human Geography3
GEOGRPHY 1230Survey of Cultural Geography3
GEOGRPHY 3330Environmental Conservation3
GEOGRPHY 3530Topics in Regional Geography2-3
GEOGRPHY 3630Geography of Latin America3
GEOGRPHY 3730Geography of Europe3
GEOGRPHY 3930Geography of Asia3
GEOGRPHY 3960Geography of Japan1-6
HISTORY 3460Modern Africa3
HISTORY 3640Imperialism in Africa and Asia3
HISTORY 3650Women and Gender in Latin American History3
HISTORY 3660Colonial Latin American History3
HISTORY 3670Modern Latin American History3
HISTORY 3920Modern Middle East3
HISTORY 3950Modern Japan3
HISTORY 3970Modern China3
HISTORY 4110Russia to 18563
HISTORY 4120Modern Russia3
MUSIC 2450World Music Survey3
PHLSPHY 2930Major Traditions in Eastern Religions3
POLISCI 2430Comparative Politics3
POLISCI 3340Modern Japan3
POLISCI 3350Modern China3
POLISCI 3720Politics of the Global Economy3
POLISCI 3750International Human Rights3
POLISCI 3760International Security3
POLISCI 4120Modern Russia3
SEJ 2230Introduction to Social and Environmental Justice3
SOCIOLGY 1130Introduction to Anthropology3