Spanish Education Major, B.S.

The major requires a total of 40 credits with a minimum of 24 credits selected from courses numbered 3000 or higher. SPANISH 4820 and SPANISH 3830 are required. TEACHING 4060 is an additional requirement of the School of Education (credits do not count toward major). Students who major in Spanish must have a grade point average of no lower than a 2.75 in the Spanish courses they take, and meet the education abroad requirement by completing eight to nine credits in our Education Abroad program at the 3000-4000 level. Similar or comparable cultural experiences could also be accepted. In addition, Spanish education majors completing a Bachelor of Science degree are required to take either PHLSPHY 1130 or PHLSPHY 2530.

Course Title Credits
SPANISH 3830Spanish Civilization (Required Courses)3
SPANISH 4820Phonetics2
PHLSPHY 1130Introduction to Philosophy 13
or PHLSPHY 2530 Ethics
Spanish Courses
Select 35 credits of the following with a minimum of 24 credits selected from courses numbered 3000 or higher:35
SPANISH 1840Elementary Spanish4
SPANISH 1940Elementary Spanish4
SPANISH 2840Intermediate Spanish4
SPANISH 2940Intermediate Spanish4
SPANISH 3000Foreign Languages Travel Abroad Seminar1-4
SPANISH 3820Spanish Conversation and Composition I2
SPANISH 3840Topics in Hispanic Literature and Culture1-3
SPANISH 3850Spanish American Literature and Culture I3
SPANISH 3860Spanish American Literature and Culture II3
SPANISH 3920Spanish Conversation and Composition II2
SPANISH 4620Cervantes2
SPANISH 4720Spanish Literature of the 20th Century2
SPANISH 4830Introduction to Spanish Literature3
SPANISH 4850Supervised Independent Study1-4
SPANISH 4930Introduction to Spanish Literature3
Required School of Education Course
TEACHING 4060Teaching World Languages: Theory and Practice 13
Total Credits40