Certificate in Gay and Lesbian Studies

Course Title Credits
ENGLISH/WOMGENDR 2150Introduction to Gay Studies3
ENGLISH/WOMGENDR 3110Gay and Lesbian Literature for Young Adults3
ENGLISH/WOMGENDR 3280Gay and Lesbian Literature3
WOMGENDR 3200Gender and Popular Culture3
WOMGENDR 4730Individual Research in Women's and Gender Studies 13
Total Credits15

A course with a strong GLBT component (i.e., a topics course on a gay issue, a major authors course that deals with a GLBT author and examines works with GLBT themes, or a similar course) may be substituted for WOMGENDR 3200 or WOMGENDR 4730 with the approval of the Coordinator of Gay and Lesbian Studies.

The prerequisites (other than ENGLISH 1230) for WOMGENDR 3200 will be waived for certificate students. This is accomplished by contacting the Coordinator of Gay and Lesbian Studies.