Early Adolescence-Adolescence – Ages 10-21

Middle-Secondary Education Requirements

Course Title Credits
Credit requirement for graduation120 credits and up
General Education43-53 credits
Major/minor36-60 credits
Professional education43-46 credits
Course Title Credits
General Education - Ages 10-21
ENGLISH 1130College Writing I 13
ENGLISH 1230College Writing II 13
Entry Year Experience1
Select one of the following:2-3
Oral Communication for Professionals (acceptable) 1
Speech Communication for Teachers (recommended) 1
Foreign Language:0-8
Bachelor of Science: 1 semester on campus or 1 year of high school in same language with C or better
Bachelor of Arts: 2 semesters on campus or 2 years of high school in same language with C or better
MATH XXXXSelect a MATH course at or above 16303
Health and Human Performance:
HHP 1000Fitness Assessment and Management1
HHP xxxxPhysical Activity (see HHP class listing)1
Humanities, Fine Arts and Historical Perspective:
Fine arts course3
Humanities literature course3
HISTORY 2020World Civilization II3
Social Sciences:
POLISCI 1230Introduction to American Government3
Social sciences course in second discipline 2
Natural Sciences:
Biological science lab course4-5
Physical science lab course: select from chemistry, geography, geology, physics or physical science4-5
International Education/Ethnic and Gender Studies:
HISTORY 2020World Civilization II (double counts as historical perspective and international education)3
TEACHING 3630Ethnic and Gender Equity in Education (counts for both ethnic and gender studies plus professional education)3
Bachelor of Science degree: Natural Science, Mathematics or Social Science course(s) in addition to courses listed above 3
Bacher of Arts degree: 6 additional credits @ 2000 level or higher in two areas: fine arts, historical perspective, or humanites6
See appropriate department listings for required courses (G.P.A. 2.75 or better required in these courses and grade of "C-" or better in content area courses).36-60
Professional Education 3
Required Courses:
TEACHING 1230Introduction to Education2
TEACHING 2010Educational Media Theory2
TEACHING 2130Human Growth and Development3
or PSYCHLGY 3230 Adolescent Psychology
TEACHING 3140Key Concepts and Characteristics in Middle Level Education3
TEACHING 3320Introduction to Inclusion3
TEACHING 3630Ethnic and Gender Equity in Education3
TEACHING 3840Reading in the Content Area for Middle Secondary Students4
TEACHING 4020Educational Media Application2
TEACHING 4210Pre-Student Teaching at Middle/Secondary Level2
TEACHING 4220Advising, Interaction and Communication2
TEACHING 4620Teaching Transescents2
Methods of Teaching Major/Minor3-6
Student Teaching 10-14
and Student Teaching 10-21 Secondary
or TEACHING 4760 Internship in Teaching
EdTPA Final Portfolio Submission 4