Students cannot double major in criminal justice and forensic investigation, but can major in one and minor in the other.

Course Title Credits
General Requirements
Core Curriculum40-53
Required Courses
CRIMLJUS 1130Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CRIMLJUS 2130Foundations of Policing3
CRIMLJUS 2230Foundations of Corrections3
CRIMLJUS 4030Criminal Law3
CRIMLJUS 4930Criminal Justice Seminar3
Select one of the following courses:
Crime and Delinquency
Select 18 credits of criminal justice electives from the list below; at least one of the elective courses must meet the Research Methods requirement. The remaining 15 credits can be any criminal justice elective course or forensic investigation course not already taken to meet another requirement.
Research Methods
Select one of the following, which will count toward the total number of elective credits required:
Research Methods in Criminal Justice
Social Research
Total Credits76-89

In addition, all criminal justice majors:

  1. must earn a “C-” or better in each required core course and a "D" or better in each elective course
  2. must earn a “C-” or better in ENGLISH 1130 and ENGLISH 1230

In addition to the social science requirements of the university, all criminal justice majors must either complete at least six credits each in psychology, sociology and political science; or complete a minor or second major in any discipline.

Criminal Justice Emphases

Students may select one of the following two emphases within the criminal justice major (but are not required to do so). Students who do select an emphasis will take the following specified course combinations as their elective credits.

Law Enforcement Emphasis

Course Title Credits
Required Courses
CRIMLJUS 2930Foundations of Interviewing3
CRIMLJUS 3130Criminal Investigation3
CRIMLJUS 4130Police-Community Relations3
Select at least 6 credits of the following:6
Police Ethics
Police Administration
Criminal Procedure and Evidence
Current Topics In Criminal Justice
Total Credits15

Corrections Emphasis

Course Title Credits
Required Courses
CRIMLJUS 3530Correctional Institutions3
CRIMLJUS 3630Juvenile Justice3
CRIMLJUS 4230Community-Based Corrections3
Select at least 6 credits of the following:6
Foundations of Interviewing
Law of Corrections
Current Topics In Criminal Justice
Total Credits15

Internship Eligibility

To be eligible for an internship, the student must have earned at least 60 credits plus 12 upper division criminal justice/forensic investigation credits, have a G.P.A. of 2.5 or higher, and have achieved a passing score on the department's writing proficiency examination.

the washington center

The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars (TWC) offers semester-long internship experiences for students in Washington, D.C. for students. Criminal justice and forensic investigation students accepted to the TWC program would enroll in the below 15 credits of TWC-related courses during the semester they will be in Washington, D.C.; these courses will count toward the electives needed to satisfy the major. Criminal Justice and Forensic Investigation majors are welcome to apply and should contact Co-Campus Liaison Dr. Staci Strobl, Criminal Justice Department Chair, for more information on the application process. Please visit for more information.

Course Title Credits
UWPSTUDY 4110The Washington Center - The LEAD Colloquium3
UWPSTUDY 4120The Washington Center - Evening Topics Course3
UWPSTUDY 4880The Washington Center - CJ Internship9