The natural science minor is only available to students with a major in the School of Education.

a foundation of required courses from each of the four science areas

Select a minimum of one course (or lecture and lab combination) from each of the following areas (21-23 credits total):

Course Title Credits
Introductory Astronomy:Stars and Galaxies
General Biology
The Unity of Life 1
The Diversity of Life 1
Survey of General Chemistry
General Chemistry I 1
Planet Earth
Global Landforms
Weather and Climate 1
Physical Geology
Historical Geology
Physical Science
Principles of Physics
Introductory Physics I 1
Total Credits21-23

A two-Semester Sequence in one science area

In addition to the core science courses listed above, you must complete one of the two-semester sequences listed below.  In most cases one of the two classes will also count toward the core sciences.

Course Title Credits
The Unity of Life
The Diversity of Life
General Chemistry I
General Chemistry II
Weather and Climate
and select a second geoscience course from the following:
Planet Earth
Global Landforms
Physical Geology
Historical Geology
Introductory Physics I
Introductory Physics II