Applied Computing, B.S.

Distance Learning Only - See the Undergraduate-Distance Learning Catalog for more information.

Course Title Credits
General Requirements 1
Online General Education Requirements44-48
Required Courses (61 credits)
APC 3000Programming I3
APC 3100Math for Computer Science3
APC 3200Introduction to Business3
APC 3300Technical and Professional Communication3
APC 3400Legal and Ethical Responsibilities of the IT Professional3
APC 3500Programming II3
APC 3600Database Management I3
APC 3700Systems Analysis and Design3
APC 3800Project Management Techniques3
APC 3900Object Oriented Programming3
APC 4000Applied Communication Networks3
APC 4100Database Management II3
APC 4200Computer Security I3
APC 4300Applied Data Structures and Algorithms3
APC 4400Web Development3
APC 4500Operating Systems Theory and Practice3
APC 4600Software Engineering Practices3
APC 4700IS Strategy and Management3
APC 4800Computer Security II3
APC 4900Capstone Prep1
APC 4950Capstone Project3
Total Credits120

Graduation Requirements

  • Minimum of 120 earned credits.
  • Minimum of 42 of those 120 credits must be upper division credits (courses numbered 3000 or 4000).
  • Minimum of 32 of the 120 credits must be taken under the direction of UW-Platteville faculty.
  • 23 of the last 32 credits taken for the degree must be taken under the direction of UW-Platteville faculty.
  • No more than 72 credits can transfer in from any and all two-year lower division colleges.
  • You must earn a grade of "C-" or better in courses taken with other institutions in order for courses to be considered for transfer.
  • You must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.00 overall.
  • You must also maintain degree progress by completing at least one UW-Platteville course every two years in order to remain under these catalog requirements.  Failure to do so will result in discontinuation from the program.
  • Some requirements may be subject to change without notice.