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About the Economics Program

Economics is the social science of production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. The study of economics, in part, concentrates on the study of factors of production (i.e., natural resources, capital, labor, and entrepreneurship). Economic ideas confront us every day, whether we are exchanging our labor for money or our money for goods and services, borrowing or saving, or electing officials to represent us. We face many complex problems directly related to the economy, including inflation, unemployment, pollution, energy shortages, and government deficits. The study of economics helps us to understand the nature and causes of such problems and enables us to develop policies, programs, and strategies for dealing with them. A background in economics has cultural, ethical, and political value and enables an individual to be a more effective decision maker as a producer, consumer, and citizen.

Economics Program

Course Title Credits
ECONOMIC 2130Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECONOMIC 2230Principles of Microeconomics3
ECONOMIC 2940The Political Economy of Race, Gender and Ethnicity3
Total Credits9

ECONOMIC 2130 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 Credits

An introduction to basic economic principles with applications to current economic problems. Demand, supply and the role of prices in the U.S. economy are briefly surveyed followed by in-depth study of the national (or macro) economy. Topics include unemployment, inflation and economic growth; theories of economic recession and prosperity; the role of money and banking in the economy; government taxing and spending policies to stabilize the economy; and the U.S. as part of the international economy.
Components: Discussion, Class
GE: Social Sciences
Typically Offered: Fall/Spring/Summer

ECONOMIC 2230 Principles of Microeconomics 3 Credits

An introduction to basic economic principles with applications to current economic problems. Emphasis is on understanding how households and business firms make decisions in the U.S. economy. Topics include how prices are determined and how they help solve the economic problem of scarcity, the distribution of income and wealth, problems of monopoly power, labor unions and labor problems, environmental and energy concerns, and agricultural economics.
Components: Class
GE: Social Sciences
Typically Offered: Fall/Spring/Summer

ECONOMIC 2410 Interpretation of Business and Economic Data 3 Credits

The nature of statistical data in business and economics; the use of tabular, graphical and numerical analysis; probability, estimation and hypothesis testing; correlation and regression; index numbers, time series; and forecasting.
Components: Class
GE: Social Sciences
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: Math 1630 or higher (3 credits)
Typically Offered: Occasional

ECONOMIC 2940 The Political Economy of Race, Gender and Ethnicity 3 Credits

This course uses economic principles to analyze salient issues involving people of color, women, and ethnic minorities. The focus is interdisciplinary, drawing from the fields of business, political science, and others. Pertinent principles and concepts are used to analyze causes and effects of the changing composition of U.S. families, to examine the nature and extent of discrimination within the U.S. economy, and to understand why issues involving race, ethnicity, and gender are of concern to us both individually and collectively.
Components: Class
Cross Offering: ECONOMIC 2940, ETHNSTDY 2940, POLISCI 2940
GE: Ethnic Studies, Ethnic Studies, Ethnic Studies, Gender Studies, Gender Studies, Gender Studies
Typically Offered: Fall/Spring/Summer

ECONOMIC 3530 Economic History of The United States: The First Three Hundred Years 3 Credits

An introductory survey of the evolution of the market economy of the United States up World War I and of American thought concerned with the problems arising from such changes.
Components: Class
GE: Historical Perspective
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: HISTORY 1330 and/or HISTORY 1430
Typically Offered: Occasional

ECONOMIC 3630 Comparative Economic Systems 3 Credits

An analysis of various forms of capitalism and socialism, with special attention given to the economics of the United States, the Soviet Union, England, and others.
Components: Class
Typically Offered: Occasional

ECONOMIC 3730 Money and Banking 3 Credits

A survey of the monetary and banking systems of the United States as part of the nation's overall financial system. Major topics include: organization and functioning of financial intermediaries; the key economic roles of lending institutions and the Federal Reserve System; contemporary monetary theories, international financial structures.
Components: Class
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: sophomore standing; recommended: ECONOMIC 2130 and ECONOMIC 2230
Typically Offered: Occasional

ECONOMIC 3850 Public Finance 3 Credits

Topics include: government expenditures, programs and public services; principles and processes for collective decision- making; sources, principles and effects of taxes and other government revenues, and deficits, debts and budgeting in the public sector.
Components: Class
Cross Offering: ECONOMIC 3850, POLISCI 3850
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: ECONOMIC 2230
Typically Offered: Occasional

ECONOMIC 4010 Economics Workshop 1-3 Credits

Components: Class
Typically Offered: Occasional

ECONOMIC 4330 International Economics 3 Credits

A study of the major aspects of international trade, finance and commercial policy under changing world conditions. Subjects studied include various theories of international trade, effects of tariffs and quotas, exchange rate determination, balance of payments analysis and policy, international monetary systems, international economic institutions and current problems.
Components: Class
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: ECONOMIC 2130, ECONOMIC 2230 and junior standing
Typically Offered: Occasional

ECONOMIC 4930 Senior Seminar 3 Credits

Critical examination of select economic policy issues with active participation by Department of Economics faculty and other invited guests.
Components: Seminar
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: junior standing; recommended: ECONOMIC 2130 and ECONOMIC 2230
Typically Offered: Fall/Spring/Summer

ECONOMIC 4940 Special Problems 1-4 Credits

Supervised reading on selected economic problems. Students may register for job orientation under this title. Appropriate forms must be filled out by students with approval of the instructor and the department chairperson.
Components: Independent Study
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: ECONOMIC 2130 and ECONOMIC 2230 and junior standing. Students may register for job orientation under this title. Appropriate forms must be filled out by students with approval of the instructor and department chair
Typically Offered: Fall/Spring/Summer

ECONOMIC 4990 Internship 1-8 Credits

The practical application of marketing, finance, management and economics through on-the-job training. May be repeated for credit up to a total of eight credits. Students may not enroll for more than four credits without permission of the dean of the college.
Components: Field Studies
Typically Offered: Fall/Spring/Summer

ECONOMIC 6940 Special Problems 1-4 Credits

Supervised reading on selected economic problems.
Components: Independent Study

Faculty and lecturers

Additional information about the Faculty and Lecturers below may be found in the Faculty and Academic Staff section of this catalog.

Adams, Karen

Addison, Bruna

Ahamed, Md. Maruf

Aiyash, Thaher

Albers, Mark

Albrecht, Cynthia

Alkhushayni, Suboh

Allen, Daniel

Almquist, James

Ambort, Beth

Amin, Mohammad

Anderson, Donna

Anderson, Joshua

Anderson, Laura

Annamalai, V.

Arey, Megan

Arif, Tariq

Artz, Jason

Artz, Jennifer

Attenborough, Holly

Avenarius, Daniel

Bailey, Marcia

Baird, James

Banachowski-Fuller, Cheryl

Barnes, L.

Barnet, Barbara

Barraclough, Dominic

Barry, Brian

Bartling, Mary

Basso, Iona

Bauder, Daniel

Baxter, Christopher

Becker, Kristi

Behrens, Stephanie

Belanger, Aimee

Belken, Johanna

Belken, Stephanie

Berg, John

Bernhardt, Kevin

Bingham, Lauran

Bird, Brian

Birkicht, Samantha

Black, Michael

Blair, Kelly

Bockhop, Richard

Bohlken, Matthew

Bohnhoff, Gretchen

Bora, Kamil

Boril, Hynek

Boyles, David

Breckenridge, Ryanne

Breitner, Michael

Brick-Margelofsky, Sandie

Brogley, Jessica

Brookens, Pamela

Broussard, Rosalyn

Buboltz, Jeffrey

Buechler, Dale

Buhrow, Matthew

Burkholder, Joyce

Burns, Teresa

Busch, Andrew

Busch, Dennis

Buswell, Christine

Byers, Stacie

Cabezas, Thomas

Cage, John

Calcaterra, Robert

Campbell, Guy

Candito, Kara

Carey, Delbert

Carlson, Cynthia

Carr, Ellen

Cartmill, Andrew

Cartmill, Donita

Caywood, Katherine

Celik, Ilke

Chang, Lily

Chang, Mu-Ling

Chattopadhyay, Soma

Chen, Hao

Cline, Robin

Clough, Cory

Clough, Jill

Collins, Benjamin

Collins, Jennifer

Compton, Michael

Cool, Andrea

Cooper, David

Cordingley, Allen

Cornett, Catherine

Cornett, Charles

Cornils, Margaret

Covert, Thomas

Cowley, Jeffrey

Crist, Amy

Cullen, Ashley

Cullen, Carrie

Cummings, Antonette

Curras, Christina

Czarnecki, Kyle

Dalecki, Michael

Dalsing, Deirdre

Dargel, Dan

Daugherty, Justin

Davis, Peter

Dehnavi, Gholamreza

Deis, Timothy

Demaree, Rebekah

Demaree, Robert

Demerse, Katherine

DeRoehn, Michael

DesJarlais, Terry

Dhyanchand, Richard

Dietmeier, Lindsay

Dietzel, Lois

Diktanas, Tyler

Donahoe, Jessica

Dornak, L.

Dorsey, Paul

Douillet, Catherine

Doyle-Morin, Rebecca

Drees, Karen

Drefcinski, Shane

Dreger, Ian

Dupont, Melissa

Dupuis, Jennifer

Ealy, Shannon

Eastlick, Erica

Edgington, Erin

Eiseman, Krista

El-Omari, Samir

Ellis, Barry

Elmer, Steven

Emendorfer, Lisa

Emendorfer, Michael

Enright, Corinne

Ensrude, Tyler

Erickson, Paul

Ernst, Michael

Esqueda, Jaclyn

Evensen, Harold

Ewing, Garrett

Fager, Brian

Fager, Susan

Farina, Lee

Farrelly, Ann

Fatzinger, Curt

Feiden, April White

Fernette, Becky

Fick, John

Fields, Kristina

Fisher, Kasey

Fisher, Sarah

Fleming, Eric

Flenory, Emalydia

Foley, Amy

Foley, Tonya

Ford, Roxanne

Forrest, Nathaniel

Forstie, Claire

Frain, Kelly

Franklin, Laura

Frayer, Christopher

Frear, Henry

Frederick, Kari

Freese, Dawn

Frese, Eric

Frieden, Adam

Frieders, Elizabeth

Frigo, Seth

Furlan, Connie

Fuschino, Vincenzo

Gadedji, Kokou Elessessi

Gamini, Bandar

Gantenbein, Jacob

Gard, Jeffrey

Garrett, Richard

Garrity, Colleen

Gartner, Nancy

Gates, Elizabeth

Gau, Michael

Gavin, Donna

Gavin, Melissa

Geesey, Christine

Geske, Heidi

Geyer, Natasha

Ghafoorianfar, Nima

Gilbertson, Louann

Gillota, David

Gnaneswaran, Vettrivel

Goomey, John

Gopalakrishnan, Gokul

Gordon, Phillip

Gormley, Melissa

Gottlieb, Rebecca

Grady, Benjamin

Grant, Paul

Gregg, Matthew

Gribb, Molly

Griffin, Matthew

Groves, Rebecca

Grunow, Jodean

Gullickson, Michelle

Gurira, Roger

Gurman, Scott

Haasl, Ryan

Habibi, Mohammad

Hadfield, Kelly

Hadorn, Peter

Haertzen, Kevin

Halfmann, Kameko

Hallman, Joseph

Halverson, Jodi

Hamer, Laurie

Hamilton, James

Hammermeister, John

Hammermeister, Nancy

Hampton, James

Hansen, Susan

Hanson, Terry

Hanson, Whitney

Hanten, Dianne

Hardyman, Krista

Harr-Bailey, Marcia

Hartle, Lynn

Harwick, Charles

Haskins, William

Haslauer, Edina

Hass, Rebecca

Hawk, Heidi

Hayes, Tony

Hazen, Timothy

Hefel, Machelle

Heimerdinger, David

Hendrickson, Craig

Hendrickson, Kia

Herberg, Kyle

Herbst, Eric

Herman, Rachel

Hewitt, Julie

Heydari, Maryam

Hibbard, James

Hill, Kari

Hill, Russell

Hinderman, Megan

Hintze, Tiffany

Hoerning, Jeff

Holden, Elizabeth

Hollingsworth, Leslie

Hollingsworth, Lindsay

Hopkins, John

Horne, Kyle

Hoyer, William

Hu, Yuanyuan

Hu, Yueqi

Huebschman, Jeffrey

Hunter, Jacqueline

Huser, Mike

Hussein, Mazen

Ira, Michael

Isbister, Dong

Iserman, Adam

Ivanov, Andrey

Iverson, Geoffrey

Jansen, Julie

Jarrard, James

Jasper, Kimberly

Jeske, Clement

Johnson, Lane

Johnson, Rebecca

Johnson, Yari

Jones, Angela

Juedes, Timothy

Kabir, Asif

Kadjo, Lucie

Kaiser, Colleen

Karsten, Margaret

Keller, Carolyn

Kerkenbush, Roger

Kerr, Kathleen

Kieckhafer, David

Kilian, Karland

King Jr., Frank

Kirk, Rea

Kirk, Savion

Klavins, Sharon

Klinger, Betsy

Klockow, Stephanie

Knebel, Kim

Kobayashi, Hirohito

Kohler-Busch, Madelon

Konitzer, Aaron

Kopecky, Olivia

Krebs-Byrne, Ann

Kreul, Amy

Kronick, Harry

Krueger, George

Krugler, David

Kruse, Elizabeth

Kueter, Paula

Kuster, Mitchell

Kutka, Catherine

Kwon, Miyeon

LaBudda, Denise

Lafay, John

Lammers, Peter

Landgraf, Lisa

Lange, Cheryl

Larson, Evan

LaTour, Jennifer

Laufenberg, Patricia

Lee, Dawn

Lee, Joong-Jae

Lee, Lori

Lee, Sangwook

Lee, Yer

Leitch, Daniel

Leiter, Deborah

Lemire, Steven

Lemon-Rogers, Misty

Lenzi, Mary

Leo, David

Lerner, Anne-Marie

Lessig, Colin

LeSuer, William

Levenstein, Mark

Lewandowski, Mela

Li, Qiong

Li, Wei

Lian, Yunshan

Liang, Bing

Lienert, Keith

Lindahl, Gary

Link, Katherine

Linkert, Duane

Lipska, Melissa

Little, Jennifer

Livingston, Victoria

Ljumanovic, Lea

Ljumanovic, Leonida

Loeffelholz, Julie

Loggins, Kendall

Longfield, Stephen

Mack, Tadra

Mackey, Corey

Magnuson, Cleo

Mahun, Gerald

Maier, Kimberly

Manwiller, Nathan

Marciniec, Peggy

Marni, Farzana

Marsteller, Brian

Martin, Michael

Masini, Gabriella

Masoom, Abulkhair

Masoom, Fahmida

McCarthy, Megan

McDermott, Jason

McDermott, Jodi

McFadden, Ashley

McLanahan, Aric

McLeer, Karen

McNeill, Andrew

Melby, Lori

Melin, Scott

Mendis, Chanaka

Mentz, Randy

Mergen, Sally

Merz, Sabrina

Metzloff, Kyle

Meulbroek Fick, Jessica

Meyer, Kelsey

Michaels, Matthew

Miller, Amanda

Miller, Angela

Miller, Janel

Miller, Kayla

Miller, Teresa

Miner, Mark

Mitchell, Nicole

Mitchell, Trapper

Moiz, Syed

Momot, Michael

Monhardt, Leigh

Moninski, Richard

Montgomery, Tera

Morgan, Sean

Mowry, Susan

Mulligan, Bryan

Mullikin, Aleta

Mulroy-Bowden, Linda

Munz, Ryan

Muslu, Mesut

Muslu, Zehra

Musselman, Jonathan

Naderman, Lisa

Nelson, Gregory

Nelson, Regina

Nelson, Travis

Nemitz, Clinton

Nemmetz, Amy

Nevins, David

Nevins, Mary

Niehaus, Elizabeth

Nkemnji, John

Noble, Timothy

Norin, Kevan

Nzegwu, Louis

O'Brien, Daniel

Obielodan, Florence

Obielodan, John

Omwando, Thomas

Ostby, Brian

Ostergaard, Tyler

Oszoy, Istemi

Owusu-Ababio, Samuel

Paler, Mary Elvi

Parker, Philip

Parkins, Alison

Parrott, Lawrence

Parsons, Ellen

Parsons IV, Theron

Patient, Grant

Patzner, Michelle

Paulus, Andrew

Pauly, Regina

Pawl, Andrew

Payne, Jeremy

Peckham, Brian

Pelegrin, Elizabeth

Penn, Michael

Pennekamp, Amy

Peterson, John

Peterson, Vikki

Pied, Claudine

Pink, Sharon

Pitcher, Thomas

Pitzer, Tania

Pluemer, Jodi

Pluemer, Karen

Plumb, Andrew

Polebitski, Austin

Pothour, Patricia

Pothour-Miller, Wendy

Prill-Adams, Alicia

Pugh, Raymond

Pulkrabek, Kimberly

Rabbani, Mohammad

Rabidoux, Katherine

Ragaby, Amr El

Raisbeck, Eric

Raisbeck, Randi

Rako, Marcia

Ramig, Steve

Rasheed, Sheriff

Rayfield, Rion

Reddy, Avuthu

Reeder, Mei

Reimann, Kyle

Reinstein, Jesse

Rennert, Julie

Reuter, Victoria

Reynoso, Jr., Enrique

Richard, Alisha

Riedl-Farrey, Cathy

Riedle, Joan

Rimel, Eric

Ringgenberg, Renee

Ringgenberg, Scott

Roh, Lisa

Romesburg, James

Roth, Tina

Rotzenberg, Chris

Roy, Bidhan

Rubino, Edoardo

Ruchotzke, Nicole

Rucker, Tara

Ruecking, Chenoa

Ryan, Emily

Ryan, Michele

Ryan, Nicole

Ryan, Sara

Safari-Shad, Nader

Salmon-Stephens, Tammy

Sandberg, T.A.

Sanyi-Stringer, Allison

Sappleton, Shan

Sargent, Kimberly

Savage-Day, Susan

Schaaf, Danielle

Schaal, Elizabeth

Schieltz, Laura

Schlicht, Michael

Schliesmann, John

Schliewe Jr., Roger

Schmitt, Robert

Schmitz, Ryan

Schroeder, Korey

Schulenburg, Chris

Schumacher, Kristen

Sealy, Philip

Seeboth-Wilson, Amy

Sethne, Mark

Shaff, Alyssa

Sharkey, Michael

Shepherd, Robert

Shepherd, Stephen

Sherer, Michael

Shi, Yan

Shields, Dennis

Siddiqui, Gohar

Siefkes, Samuel

Sifri, Nadia

Sitte, Kristin

Smith, Monica

Smyrski, Rose

Snyder, Robert

Soja, Julie

Solar, Patrick

Son, Wonim

Soofi, Abdollah

Sossaman, Travis

Spelic, Carole

Sprenger-Schulenberg, Jessica

St. John, W.

Stankovich, Wendy

Stanley, Adam

Stanley, Caryn

Stanojev, Igor

Stappert, Tonya

Steck, Francis

Steiner, Charles

Steiner, Steven

Stephens, Douglas

Stephenson, Stacia

Stienstra, Joel

Stier, Emily

Stipe, Stormy

Storlie, Christine

Stradford, H.

Strange, Jeffrey

Strange, Sarah

Strobl, Staci

Stuckey, Gloria

Sunderdance, Brenda

Swan, Marshall

Swenson, James

Swenson, Susanna

Swenson, Timothy

Tas, Pamela

Tas, Sinan

Taylor, Crystal

Tebbe, Jeffery

Tembei, John

Teng, Hong

Tesdahl, Eugene

Thomas, Paige

Thompson, Geoffrey

Thompson, M.

Thrun, Jason

Timlin, Michele

Tong, Yi

Trewin, Amanda

Trovella, Alexandra

Tucker, Amanda

Tuescher-Gille, Heidi

Tufte, Marilyn

Turner, Nancy

Udelhofen, Angela

Udelhoven, Rita

Ul-Haq, Irfan

Underwood, Christopher

Valiga, James

Van Der Wilt, Julie

Van Paemel, Catherine

Vance, Steve

Vance, Tiffany

Vandervest, Maureen

Varsho, Andie

Venkateshwaran, Muthusubramanian

Voigts, Sara

Voll, Holly

Von Hollen, Michael

VonHaden, Jeanette

Wackwitz, Daniel

Wagner, Jason

Wagner, Kathy

Wang, Xiaohong

Waugh, Richard

Weber, Wayne

Wedig, Lori

Wedige, Kerie

Weier, Janis

Weigel, Cory

Wein, Kory

Weller, Kathryn

Wendorff, Laura

Wetter, Kelsey

Wetzel, Valerie

White, Martin

White, Scott

Wiegman, Kenneth

Williams, Kalyn

Williams, Mary Rose

Wills, Sheryl

Wilson, Craig

Wilson, D.

Wilson, Megan

Withrow, Lana

Woldt, Jason

Wolfe, Sean

Wright, Kristopher

Wu, Tsunghsuch

Wu, Yan

Wurtzler, Judith

Xiao, Xingqiang

Yang, Qi

Yazbec, William

Young, Andres

Yu, Bo

Yue, Songqing (Joshua)

Yunck, Steve

Zampaloni, Michael

Zasada, Michelle

Zidon, Mark

Zielinski, Matthew

Ziobro, Holly

Zolper, Thomas