University and Online Degree Policies and Procedures

Students must follow the rules, regulations, and academic requirements of both the university and the college in which they are enrolled as described in the catalog of initial enrollment. If catalog requirements change, students may elect to follow rules, regulations, and academic requirements of the new catalog. If progress toward a degree is interrupted by withdrawing from the term/semester and students re-enroll at a later date, they must abide by the catalog in effect at the time they re-enroll.  

Academic Standing

Students whose academic records do not meet the minimum achievement standards of the university are placed on academic probation or suspension.

Declaring/Changing Majors

Students are required to declare a major at the time of admission.  However a student may change their major by contacting their advisor.  Additional options such as academic clemency may also apply to students who change their major.

Disability Services 

Services for Students with Disabilities at UW-Platteville has a mission to assist students with disabilities in obtaining reasonable academic and non-academic accommodations, as well as auxiliary aids. 

Discontinuation of Active Students 

Upon admission, students enrolled in programs through the Office of Professional Program Support have one year to complete at least one course successfully. If a student does not successfully complete a course within a year, the student will be discontinued from their program. 

After successful completion of one course, a student has two years to successfully complete another course in order to maintain academic progress. Students who do not maintain academic progress will be discontinued from their program.

Dropping Courses 

Students who do not drop a course by the deadlines published on the Academic Calendar must either complete the course satisfactorily or receive the grade they earn.  Visit How to Drop a Distance Course to learn more.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act affords students certain rights with respect to their education records. 

Late Drop 

Late drops may be permitted only in extraordinary circumstances and only with consent of the Office of Professional Program Support.  Contact your advisor for more information.

Late Registration 

Students who do not enroll prior to the last day of registration may be eligible for a late registration.  Permission will be required; contact your advisor for more information.

Medical Withdrawal

See Withdrawal from the Term/Semester below.

Participation Policy

Online and standard term print-based courses require that students complete a mandatory participation activity. 

Registering for Classes 

More details and specific dates for registration and fee payment are available on the Office of Professional Program Support  registration page. 

Print-Based Course Policies

Visit our website for information on print-based course policies.

Student Grievances and Discipline   

In any community, including that of scholars and professors, differences of opinion and misunderstandings arise, and provisions must be made for resolution of grievances.  

Student Loan Deferment 

Whether you can defer your loan payments is dependent on your registrations, as well as the type of loan you have. Student loan deferment forms must be processed by the UW-Platteville Registrar’s Office. 


The UW-Platteville transcript is a complete academic record of a student’s enrollment at the university. 

Transfer, Articulation, and Test Out Policies

We have created resources to assist you in planning your transfer to UW-Platteville, including transfer agreements, articulation agreements, transfer guides, and graduate credit agreements. 

Withdrawal from the Term/Semester

Withdrawal refers to withdrawal from all classes for the term/semester. This procedure is not to be confused with dropping a single course or several courses. To withdraw students need to contact their advisor. 

Medical Withdrawal

UW System Administrative Policy 807 (Effective September 1, 2021)

A medical withdrawal is granted in instances where a student is faced with a serious or unexpected condition that completely precludes the student from being able to function as a student and in which the regular university withdrawal process is not appropriate. The medical withdrawal is to be used after the 100% refund period, as indicated in UW System Administrative Policy 805, Tuition and Fee Policies for Credit Instruction.

A request may be granted to students who experience a serious or unexpected physical or behavioral health condition; who may need to provide care to an immediate family member who is experiencing a serious or unexpected physical or behavioral health condition; or who have experienced the death of an immediate family member. Approval will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

In the case of pre-existing, recurring, or chronic health conditions, documentation must show that the recurrence or worsening of the condition(s) began after initiation of the term for which the withdrawal is requested.

Students seeking a medical withdrawal should follow the regular procedure to withdraw from the term.  When seeking a late withdrawal and/or an exception to the tuition refund schedule, a letter of appeal is required.  In addition to the appeal, documentation must be submitted which must include a supporting letter from a licensed healthcare provider or healthcare records that correlate with and substantiate the request for the term of medical withdrawal. In the case of death of an immediate family member, an obituary or other official record of death may be requested as documentation. 

Whenever possible, requests for medical withdrawal should occur during the term in which the medical condition arose. Students may apply for a retroactive medical withdrawal up to one year after the end of the term in question. For applications submitted after the end of the term, transcript adjustments may be the only possible remedy; tuition adjustments may not be possible.

Appeal documentation should be sent to the Office of the Registrar, University of Wisconsin-Platteville, 1 University Plaza, Platteville, WI  53818.  Any questions about the medical withdrawal procedures may be directed to the Registrar at 608.342.1321 or 


Immediate Family Member: A parent, guardian, sibling, spouse, child or other member of the student’s household.

Tuition: Includes both academic student fees and nonresident tuition. In the State of Wisconsin statutes, the term “academic student fees” generally applies to resident instructional fees paid by all students, and the term “tuition” applies to the additional amount paid by nonresidents (see UW System Administrative Policy 805)

Medical Withdrawal Refund Schedule

Fall and Spring Full Semester Courses

0-2 weeks 100%
3-4 weeks 70-90%
5-8 weeks 50-70%
9-12 weeks 20-50%
13 weeks or more 10-30%

Winterim, Summer and Other Non-Standard Length Courses

First week 100%
Second week 70-90%
3-4 weeks 50-70%
5 weeks or more 10-50%

Returning to the University

If a student is discontinued following a medical withdrawal, an application for readmission is required.  Applications may be completed online at  Students are encouraged to review the campus resources available which can provide assistance.

For further information, contact the Registrar at or call 608.342.1321.