Policies and Procedures

Registering for Classes

More details and specific dates for registration and fee payment are available on the Center for Distance Learning registration page.

Print-based Course Policies

Visit our website for information on print-based course policies

Dropping Courses

Students who do not drop a course by the deadlines published on the academic calendar must either complete the course satisfactorily or receive the grade they earn.  Visit How to Drop a Distance Course to learn more. 

Late Drop

Late drops may be permitted only in extraordinary circumstances and only with consent of the Center for Distance Learning.  Contact your advisor for more information.

Late Registration

Students who do not enroll prior to the last day of registration may be eligible for a late registration.  Permission will be required, contact your advisor for more information. 

Participation Policy

Online and standard term print based courses require that students complete a mandatory participation activity.   

Other University Policies

Students must follow the rules, regulations and academic requirements of both the university and the college in which they are enrolled as described in the catalog of initial enrollment. If catalog requirements change, students may elect to follow rules, regulations, and academic requirements of the new catalog. If progress toward a degree is interrupted by withdrawing from the university and students re-enroll at a later date, they must abide by the catalog in effect at the time they re-enroll.