About University of Wisconsin-Platteville

A Pioneer in Distance Education and Online Learning

University of Wisconsin-Platteville's distance education program began in 1978 as a print-based correspondence program, offering a single bachelor's degree in business administration. Three years later, its first graduating class numbered just five. Living up to the Pioneer name, in 1999 UW-Platteville became the first public university in Wisconsin to deliver an entire degree online, a master's degree in project management. That same year, the university founded the Office of Professional Program Support to support the growing population of online students. The first 13 graduates celebrated their commencement in 2001.

A lot has changed since 1978, but the Office of Professional Program Support's commitment to serving students who need flexibility to earn their degree has remained steadfast. Through sound course design, passionate faculty, rigorous content, ongoing planning and improvement, and people dedicated to providing quality education at a distance, UW-Platteville continues to set the standard in online education.