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Master of Science in Organizational Change Leadership

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Statement of Purpose

The Master of Science in Organizational Change Leadership prepares graduates to fill leadership positions which require strategic change management. A graduate degree in organizational change leadership will specifically allow students to move from front-line positions in the field, which often require an undergraduate degree, to more advanced administrative positions. This major will fill a growing need within the ranks of middle and upper management as worldwide change and, in particular, change within the business environment increase at an exponential speed.

The Master of Science in Organizational Change Leadership is an integrated degree addressing such issues as the nature of change, the change process, establishing the change vision, the origins of resistance, assessing readiness for change, communication strategies, assessing stakeholders, and sustaining change.

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the program will:

  1. Develop an understanding of the scope, breadth, and function of organizational change.
  2. Acquire an appreciation and understanding of different perspectives from different disciplines of organizational change.
  3. Appreciate the challenges of scheduling and executing a plan through an integrated organizational change.
  4. Assess and understand the hidden costs of organizational change.
  5. Acquire and analyze pertinent data from computer information systems.
  6. Demonstrate the collaborative style, innovative spirit, effective communication, and leadership skills of an organizational change professional.
  7. Discern and act upon opportunities for improvement across the organization.
  8. Identify the need to understand ethics, culture, and societal implications as part of the change process.


The Master of Science in Organizational Change Leadership is an online program designed to accommodate the needs of working adults who want to pursue a degree while remaining employed. The program is open to persons who hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and have the desire to learn about organizational change leadership. It provides professionals with a convenient, practical, and high-quality course of study that allows them to develop the new skills required for managing today’s workplace while earning graduate credits toward an advanced degree.

Admission Requirements for Master of Science in Organizational Change Leadership

Those seeking admission to the Master of Science in Organizational Change Leadership must have earned a bachelor’s degree from a nationally or regionally accredited institution recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. International degrees will be evaluated on an individual basis. To be eligible for admission in full standing, a student must have an overall undergraduate grade point average of 2.75 or higher, or 2.90 on the last 60 credits from the degree-granting institution. Students who do not qualify for admission in full standing may be admitted on a trial enrollment justified by the admitting department and approved by the director of the School of Graduate Studies. Students are allowed seven years from the date of admission into the program to complete degree requirements; extensions may be granted for extenuating circumstances.

Program entrance requirements and degree completion requirements are consistent with those of the graduate programs of the institution. Students seeking admission should follow the instructions found in the Online Admission Policies and Procedures section of this catalog.

Special Students

Students with a bachelor’s degree who want to enroll in selected courses without being admitted to the program may enroll as special students. Go to the UW-Platteville Distance Education website ( for application information. A maximum of 12 credits may be taken as a special student.


The Master of Science in Organizational Change Leadership is earned upon the successful completion of 30-36 credit hours. All courses are three credits unless otherwise noted. Completing an emphasis area is optional. For each emphasis area chosen, the final seminar paper, thesis, or capstone must relate to both the area of emphasis as well as organizational change.  

Course Title Credits
Foundational Courses
Applied Accounting
Human Resource Management (ONLY for those students completing the Human Resource emphasis)
Research Methodology (ONLY for those students completing OCL 7990)
Core Courses
Organizational Change Leadership: Theory and Practice
Organizational Behavior
Intercultural Change Leadership
Organizational Communication
Strategic Thinking and Change
Comprehensive Final Requirement
All students are required to complete a comprehensive final deliverable, which will contain both written and oral components. There are three options available, allowing for students to choose which best suits their personal and professional goals. For each emphasis area chosen, the final product must encompass both the OCL core as well as the emphasis area subject matter. Select one of the following:
Seminar Paper Research
Thesis Research
Organizational Change Leadership Elective Courses
Select 9 credits of the following (if you have NOT declared an emphasis):
Quality Management
Advanced Quality Management
Employee Training and Development
Consumer Behavior
Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
Creative Problem Solving
Organizational Development
Organizational Theory
Special Topics
Independent Study
Business Ethics
Interpersonal Skills for Virtual and Co-Located Project Teams
Optional Emphasis Areas (choose one)
Emphases consist of two courses plus successful completion of a final deliverable that encompasses the emphasis as well as OCL core coursework
The Healthcare emphasis is designed for those who currently work or wish to pursue a career in the ever-changing healthcare industry. Synthesize knowledge from coursework focused on managerial and change leadership concepts to gain the skills necessary to better serve as an effective change agent in various healthcare settings.
Change Leadership in Healthcare
*Successful completion of either OCL 7840, OCL 7920, or OCL 7990
Human Resources
Visit website for updated information *Completion of all coursework or consent of advisor/instructor required prior to enrollment.
Project Management
The Project Management emphasis enhances your ability to lead change efforts by applying contemporary project management tools and techniques across three broad areas: organizing and initiating projects, planning projects, and performing projects. Discover how integrating the art of change leadership with the science of project management brings necessary and critical structure for effectively implementing change.
Project Management Techniques I
Project Management Techniques II
*Successful completion of either OCL 7840, OCL 7920, or OCL 7990

Certificate in Organizational Change Leadership

An online certificate in Organizational Change Leadership will be available, beginning summer 2012. The certificate is designed for students who want a strong foundation in basic organizational change leadership skills, but are not currently pursuing the MS in Organizational Change Leadership. The credits earned for the certificate can be applied toward the master’s degree in Organizational Change Leadership for those who apply and are accepted into the degree program. The certificate is comprised of three courses. Each course is worth three credits.

Course Title Credits
BUSADMIN 5530Organizational Behavior3
OCL 7200Strategic Thinking and Change3
OCL 7330Organizational Change Leadership: Theory and Practice3

Students must complete all of the required courses for this certificate from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville to be eligible to earn the certificate. Transfer courses may not be applied to the certificate program.