Distance Education Leadership (DEL)

DEL 7010 Introduction to Distance Education Leadership 3 Credits

Students will explore the various aspects of distance education/eLearning from a management perspective. Managing leading people and teams is explored in the context of examining such specific topics as: marketing an online program, recruiting students and staff, training and retaining online instructors, developing courses, maintaining student services, which special consideration of including diversity/inclusion, and related issues. Emphasis is placed on review (and reflection) of career opportunities for managers of online learning programs including corporate, non-profit, K-12, with special emphasis on higher education distance education programs. This course surveys the history, theories, and practices of distance education. Key principles and practical issues involved in the field are identified and critically examined. In general, the course surveys the teaching and learning aspects of distance education, planning and evaluation as well as essential administrative and policy factors, with discussion of the impact of technological change on people and processes.
Components: Class

DEL 7110 Virtual Educational & Instructional Technology 3 Credits

This course examines processes and systems for delivering learning instruction in a virtual environment based on scientific research. The course explores theories of how people learn, instructional technology tools, issues in educational and instructional technology, technology literacy, the evaluation of technology resources, and content/learning management systems.
Components: Class

DEL 7120 Academic Administration in the Virtual Environment 3 Credits

Students in this course will examine administrative issues with an academic team of faculty/staff. Topics include course scheduling, teacher/student absences, time and labor reporting, vacation/holiday planning, tracking course attendance and grades, student academic progress, student drops, tracking online teaching, faculty tenure, faculty/staff meetings, academic calendars, and faculty files and documentation.
Components: Class

DEL 7220 Teaching and Learning at a Distance 3 Credits

This course examines the teaching and learning at a distance. Instructional theory and methods as they apply to online and blended instruction will be studied. A comprehensive exploration of teaching philosophies, lesson planning, and the evaluation of online and blended instruction will occur. Best practices and trends will be explored and applied through research, discussion, and practical application.
Components: Class

DEL 7310 Operations Administration in the Virtual Environment 3 Credits

Students will explore issues related to the effective management of operational units within the virtual environment, student recruitment, admissions, scheduling, training development, finance, information services, and student services. Emphasis will be given to the development of seamless processes among departments, as well as scalable policies and procedures. The course will also integrate concepts in the management of key organizational resources¿human, technological, and financial¿in fulfilling strategic and operational goals.
Components: Class

DEL 7410 Education Policy, Law, and Ethics in the Virtual Environment 3 Credits

Students will examine higher education law and policy beginning with a basic understanding of the American legal system, how policies are created, and ethical implications as well as exploring institutional accountability and the rights and responsibilities of students and faculty. This course draws from real-life cases in American universities and provides knowledge and tools to effectively respond in an environment of increasing litigation.
Components: Class

DEL 7510 Online Course Design and Management 3 Credits

This course examines design principles and strategies that are developed to increase e-learning, based on scientific theories of how people learn. Course design and course management processes are applied and evaluated in relation to how they support or disrupt learning.
Components: Class

DEL 7540 eLearning Program Administration 3 Credits

This course examines the administration of elearning programs. Proposals, planning, implementation, and assessment are all explored. Topics such as market analysis, budgeting, curriculum, resource planning, quality assurance, program assessment, and organizational change are discussed. Academic and operational administration concepts are applied through discussions and scenario and project based learning.
Components: Class

DEL 7610 Virtual Team and Project Management 3 Credits

Virtual Team and Project Management covers current issues, emerging trends, and best practices in managing virtual teams and projects. Content will include topics such as optimal team composition, virtual team development, communicating and leading virtually, performance management, project management charters, work breakdown structure, planning, budget, risk management, scheduling, and control/evaluation. Students will demonstrate mastery of course content utilizing their actual contextual settings and case studies/scenarios.
Components: Class

DEL 7640 Talent Development in Virtual Education 3 Credits

Students in this course will examine the ever-changing cultural and technological environment of education as it relates to tools used by higher education administrators the tools to develop talent among their faculty/staff and provide relevant professional development opportunities. Course content will include technologies to master the craft of teaching, scaffolding practices, professional needs assessment and goal setting, continuous performance appraisals, and various professional development activities, such as peer review/mentoring, teaching circles, best practice share sites, and online conferences.
Components: Class

DEL 7740 Student Services in Virtual Education 3 Credits

This course examines the structure and administration of various student services in the virtual environment, including advising, special accommodations, registrar functions, library services, student clubs and campus events, and an online bookstore.
Components: Class

DEL 7840 Capstone 3 Credits

Students will draw upon and synthesize knowledge and skills of distance education learned throughout the program by applying it to a topic or case study as assigned. This course is designed for the final course of the program.
Components: Class

DEL 7910 Critical Issues in Virtual Education 3 Credits

This course will examine various specialized and timely issues facing educational administrators in the virtual environment, such as the changing face of technology, accreditation, and sociocultural and political perspectives that affect the delivery of education.
Components: Class

DEL 7920 Seminar Paper Research 3 Credits

Based on individual interest and consultation with an advisor, the student will be required to write an advanced research paper on a specific topic; the independent empirical research should serve as a capstone to the student's education experience and as a bridge to the student's future in the distance education leadership discipline.
Components: Seminar

DEL 7940 Special Topics in Distance Education Leadership 1-3 Credits

Designed to present to students specialized topics in the field of distance education leadership depending upon interest of students and approval of staff.
Components: Class

DEL 7950 Research, Assessment and Analytics in eLearning 3 Credits

This course examines concepts in conducting research in elearning, including quantitative and qualitative methods, data collection methods, and ethics. Interpretation and evaluation methods are also explored and applied, such as metrics, dashboards, narrative inquiry, and interpretive analytics.
Components: Class

DEL 7980 Independent Study 1-4 Credits

Independent Study is intended for students who wish to expand upon a distance education leadership topic or research a related topic not covered by existing curriculum. The amount of graduate credit allowed for independent study may not exceed a total of four credits except with the special permission of the student's advisor and the graduate dean. Approval must be secured from the department faculty member and the student's advisor before independent study courses are begun by completing a form available from the program staff. This form must include a description of the subject to be covered and must be submitted before registration will be approved.
Components: Independent Study

DEL 7990 Thesis Research 3-6 Credits

Completion and defense of a carefully delineated scholarly work advancing an original point of view as a result of research. The topic chosen must reflect the student's area of emphasis, if any, and must be approved by a thesis committee.
Components: Thesis Research