Total for graduation130
General education44
Major HHP studies74
Other required courses12

Grades of “C” or better in all courses required for admission to health promotion. Students must have a GPA 2.75 or higher in Major/Minor and Professional courses to qualify for internships. Students must have an initial and an exit physical fitness assessment, four tests each, on file in order to graduate.

General Requirements
Core Curriculum44
Required Courses
HHP 1000Fitness Assessment and Management1
HHP 2010Aerobics/Hydroaerobics1
HHP 2020First Aid/Accident Prevention/Community CPR2
HHP 2030Health Education2
HHP 2320Introduction to Physical Education and Health Promotion2
HHP 2510Individual Sports2
HHP 3000 Level or above Elective2-3
HHP Class of interest2-3
HHP 3020Physiology of Exercise4
HHP 3120Stress Management at the Worksite2
HHP 3240Exercise Among Maturing Adults2
HHP 3250Principles of Strength and Conditioning3
HHP 3330Lifetime Activities2
HHP 3360Fitness Evaluation2
HHP 3380Fitness Programming and Prescription2
HHP 3400Outdoor Activities/Water Safety Instruction (WSI)2
HHP 3420Health Promotion at the Worksite2
HHP 3500Methods in Teaching Health Education3
HHP 3720Kinesiology4
HHP 3850Nutrition2
HHP 4320Consumer Health2
HHP 4330Organization, Administration, and Curriculum of Physical Education and Health4
HHP 4410Seminar in Health Promotion3
HHP 4520Injury Prevention and Treatment2
HHP 4620Advanced Athletic Training2
Recommended Coursework Outside of Physical Education
BUSADMIN 2330Leadership and Management3
BUSADMIN 2630Introduction to Marketing3
BUSADMIN 3340Management, Gender & Race3
MEDIA 3010Business Communication3
or TEACHING 2010
HHP 3010
Educational Media Theory
and Technology in Health and Physical Education
Required Internships
HHP 4850Level I Wellness-Fitness Internship3
HHP 4860Level II Wellness-Fitness Internship3
HHP 4870Level III Wellness-Fitness Internship (off campus)8-12
Science Course
BIOLOGY 2340Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology (grade of "C" or better)4
or BIOLOGY 2140 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
Total Credits131-137

Any selected minor must be approved by the advisor and the health and human performance department chair.

Recommended: Business Administration, Psychology, or Biology

In order to be assigned to an off-campus internship, the student must meet the following criteria:

  1. Senior standing
  2. GPA 2.75 or higher in major/minor and professional courses.
  3. Attainment of grade “C” or better in all health and human performace courses
  4. Attainment of grade “C” or better in BIOLOGY 2340 or BIOLOGY 2140
  5. Successful completion of Level I and II internship