General Requirements
Core Curriculum39-56
In addition to the Bachelor of Science requirements, students must complete nine supplemental credits in a foreign language.9
Required Core Courses
One regional geography course 13
One human geography course 13
One physical geography course 14
One environmental geography course 13
One geographic techniques course 13
GEOGRPHY 4030Geography Seminar3
Additional Geography Courses
Select 6 classes in any area of focus:18-24
Physical Geography Focus:
Planet Earth
Global Landforms
Weather and Climate
Global Vegetation
Human Geography Focus:
Introduction to Human Geography
Survey of Cultural Geography
Space, Place, and Gender
Gender Relations in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Nature and Society Focus:
Environmental Conservation
Geography of the National Parks
Environmental History
Geographic Techniques Focus
Geographic Information Systems: Thematic Mapping
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Remote Sensing of the Environment
Advanced Remote Sensing
Advanced Geographic Information System
Regional Focus:
World Regional Geography
Geography of the United States and Canada
Topics in Regional Geography
Geography of Latin America
Geography of Europe
Geography of Asia
Field Experiences Focus:
Geography of Wisconsin
Field Geography of the Western United States
Geography of Japan
Geography Field Sudy
Electives 2
Select 6 credits to count toward the major:6
SCSCI 2230Soils4
SCSCI 3330Soil Morphology and Classification3
Fundamentals of Biological Investigations
Technical Writing
Total Credits98-121

Students may fulfill these requirements using any course in the appropriate focus area so long as they meet any applicable prerequisites or have permission from the instructor.


Only six credits count toward major