The special education/inclusion minor is administered by the School of Education. It will lead to Wisconsin licensure in Adaptive Education (859) for the EC-MC major, which means the holder of a regular education license will also be licensed to address Children with Disabilities in the general education classroom.  Teacher candidates that complete the MC-EA major along with this minor will be eligible for a Cross Categorical (801) with concentrations in Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities (830), and Specific Learning Disabilities (811). 

TEACHING 4030Management for Children with Disabilities (CWD)3
TEACHING 4120Pre-Student Teaching and Seminar in an Inclusionary Environment2
TEACHING 4150Assessing Children with Disabilities (CWD)3
TEACHING 4200Transitions for Children with Disabilities (CWD)3
TEACHING 4420Oral Language and Emergent Literacy2
TEACHING 4630Learning and Language Disorders3
TEACHING 4730Working with Families2
TEACHING 4830Strategies for Effective Inclusion3
Directed Elective 13-4
Total Credits24-25

The directed elective is chosen from a list of approved courses that deal with topics related to exceptional needs education identified by teacher education and other departments and programs such as psychology, sociology, ethnic studies, women’s and gender studies, and health and human performance.

G.P.A. of 3.00 or better and grade of “C” or better