Major Requirements 1
MEDIA 1230Visual Communication3
MEDIA 1630Introduction to Mass Media3
MEDIA 1930Basic Photography3
MEDIA 2050Writing for Electronic Media3
MEDIA 2090Web Development: Basics3
MEDIA 2230Digital Media Technologies3
MEDIA 2470Production Foundations3
MEDIA 3090Web Development: Intermediate3
MEDIA 3500Photography II3
MEDIA 3770Theories of Media and Culture3
MEDIA 3840Production Capstone3
MEDIA 3930Communication Law3
MEDIA 4990Communication Internship3
Total Credits39

Additional Requirements for the Bachelor of Science:

  • Natural Science (additional 4 credits); Lab science in a 2nd area
  • Math or Social Science (additional 3 credits)

Students are encouraged to add a university minor which reflects their interest (Art, Marketing Strategy & Visual Communication, English, etc.)


 A grade of “C” or better must be earned in all courses required in the major.